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Learn, Grow and Have Fun!

At Pacifica Playschool, your child will be immersed in our playful and developmentally appropriate curriculum that prepares them for their future years of learning. Our friendly and caring staff encourages a unique play-based preschool education with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Play-Based Preschool Education Pacifica CA
Full Day Sessions Pacifica CA

Full-Day Sessions

Between music and movement, literature and science your child will engage in a diverse curriculum during their full day session. Start clearing your fridge door to make room for their masterpieces created during our arts and crafts sessions! Whether your child is a fairy princess or a firefighter, their imaginations will run free during our dramatic play time. No matter what, your child will have a full day of fun and learning. Your child may attend as few as three full-day sessions a week.

Morning or Afternoon Half-Day Sessions

Pacifica Playschool strives to accommodate every family’s schedule, which is why we offer morning and afternoon half-day sessions. Your child will participate in a diverse, jam-packed and fun schedule no matter what time of day they are with us. Children may attend as few as three half-day sessions a week.

Half-Day Sessions Pacifica CA
Hot Lunches Pacifica CA

Hot Lunches

We aim to provide children with the most nurturing environment we can. Throughout the day, children receive two well-balanced and fulfilling snacks and a hot lunch. There is no need to pack a snack and lunch, we’ve got it covered. Our friendly staff prepares all the meals on-site. If your child has specific dietary restrictions, we encourage you to get in touch with us!

Professional Staff

The caring teachers at Pacifica Playschool are dedicated to providing a playful and enriching learning experience for your young child. Our qualified teachers understand that each child is unique and deserves a nurturing and educational environment. Visit our About Us to learn more about our teachers!

Professional Staff Pacifica CA
Kindergarten Readiness Pacifica CA

Kindergarten Readiness

We provide age appropriate curriculum with our weekly themes and through play-based learning that will help ensure the transition to Kindergarten is accomplished with ease. Visit our About Us to learn more about our teachers!

Get a head start on your child’s education today! Contact Pacifica Playschool or call us at 650-359-5673!