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Founded in 1959, Pacifica Playschool is a family owned and operated preschool for young children. Over the years, the staff at Pacifica Playschool has lived up to the philosophy of providing a happy place for young children. We understand that each child is unique and deserves to be nurtured and given a playful learning environment. At Pacifica Playschool, they will develop a positive self-image, independence, desire to explore, discover and of course, have fun!

Family owned and operated preschool Pacifica CA
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Welcoming Students in Pacifica!

Children ages two to five years old are eligible to attend our school. We offer full day care or morning and afternoon preschool sessions. Children may attend as few as three half-day or three full-day sessions a week. Our staff provides nutritious morning and afternoon snacks, in addition, a hot home cooked lunch served daily.

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Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers look forward to enriching your child in the art of play and learning! Helping them develop into young students is a rewarding experience for us. Our classroom ratio of teachers to children in our school is 1:8, ensuring your child receives optimal attention. All of our staff is more than qualified to look after your child. They have completed early childhood courses and have received training in CPR and First Aid. We want to work in a partnership with parents and their children to make sure your child is receiving the value of our education! Our teachers would love to meet you! Contact us or call us at 650-359-5673!
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Qualified Teachers Pacifica CA



My name is Suzanne Wheeler Johnson and I have been at Pacifica Playschool all my life! The school was started by my grandmother, Mrs. Day, in 1959. My mother, as well as my two daughters, continue to contribute to the success of our preschool. I have three amazing children, which my husband Fred and I have raised. We are now empty nesters. I love coming to work each day and being surrounded by the loving and energetic children. I earned my Early Childhood Education and Administration Certificates from Canada College in 1988. I am a member of the Professional Association of Childhood Educators, and contribute and participate in the annual conferences presented by them. I am also an active member of the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce and Moose Lodge. I am blessed to have such a strong dedicated staff and a wonderful school. Pacifica Playschool has won Best Preschool for three years running. I welcome you to join us!

Qualified Teachers Pacifica CA


My name is Christine but everyone calls me Tina. I started working at Pacifica Playschool in 1992. I am the Lead Teacher of the prekindergarten class. I am also responsible for the inventory and ordering of art and craft supplies for the school year and preparing for graduation for my students who will go onto kindergarten. I went to Skyline College and completed my Early Childhood Education courses there. There is no other work as rewarding as working with families of preschool age children. I love being able to see the children's imagination and creativity come to life! I like to travel with my husband and spend time with family and friends. I hope to meet you soon.

Qualified Teachers Pacifica CA


My name is Sarah, and I’ve been working here at Pacifica Playschool since January of 2002. I started as a part-time teacher’s assistant while I was attending San Jose State University. I received my BA in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in Psychology in the Fall of 2006 and began working full-time as a teacher in the Preschool classroom (two and three year olds). At that time I also received my Site Supervisor Teaching Permit. One of the reasons why I love the younger age group so much is their creativity and imagination. As one of the lead Preschool teachers, I do our Circle Time daily and plan the Preschool class’ curriculum.

I most recently attended De Anza College and received my Early Childhood Education Mental Health Certificate in 2016. When I’m not enjoying my time at Pacifica Playschool or continuing my education, I’m trying to convert everyone into an environmentalist! I also enjoy music and hiking and try to stay involved within Kappa Delta, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I look forward to welcoming you into our Pacifica Playschool family!

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My name is Alyssa. In 2007 I started working part time at Pacifica Playschool during summer and semester breaks. While attending Sonoma State University, I worked full time at a preschool in Rohnert Park. I was the Head Teacher of a two year old class. The majority of these children had special needs. I began working full time at Pacifica Playschool in 2011. I have earned my Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education Certification/Teaching Permit from Skyline College in 2009.

At Pacifica Playschool I am a teacher in the preschool (two and three year olds) classroom. This consists of helping the children wave goodbye out of the the window as their caregiver leaves and reassuring both of them they are in a safe, healthy and caring environment. The options for the day are endless! Engaging and participating in activities with the children range from playing card games, duck-duck goose, dancing, singing, building, baking, dramatic play, stories and art; these are just some of the activities I and other staff members do with the children on a daily basis.

My favorite aspect of being a preschool teacher is watching the children grow and develop every day and seeing the steps and milestones they reach as they become more prepared for kindergarten. I look forward to meeting you.

Qualified Teachers Pacifica CA


My name is Cecilia “Cici” and I have been working as a Teacher at Pacifica Playschool since January 2024. I lead our Afternoon Gather Time and Art Program. I received my BA from Sonoma State University in 2017 to work towards a degree in MFT. In 2021 I decided to change my career path and continued my education at City College of San Francisco where I received my Child Development Master Teacher Permit. I worked as a Teacher Aide at the CCSF Mission Campus Lab School for a year while earning my units. I have been caring for children since I was fifteen years old being the oldest sibling and cousin in my family. I am also now a mother of two boys and was a stay at home mom for five years which was a big influence in my career change. I found that caring for children and being a part of their development brought me joy and a sense of fulfillment. I am happy to be a part of this family at Pacifica Playschool and look forward to getting to know you all.


My name is Sofie and I have lived in Pacifica all my life. I've accumulated units in Early Childhood Education and am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University. I am very passionate about working with kids as they are the future! Their curiosity and potential inspire me, I am committed to contributing positively to their growth and well-being.