Picture4.jpg"A Happy Place For Little Children"

"Most children benefit from a good nursery school. Every child needs other children his own age, not just to have fun with, but to learn to get along with. This is the most important job in his life. He also needs space to run and shout in, apparatus to climb on, blocks and boxes and boards to build with, trains and dolls to play with. He needs to learn how to get along with other grown-ups besides his parents. Few children nowadays have all these advantages in their homes. Nursery school doesn't take the place of home; it just adds to it."

Benjamin Spock, M.D.

The early childhood years are a period of rapid growth. We believe each child should be recognized as a unique human being with individual needs which require a nurturing environment to foster the child's development.

Picture1.jpgThe environment must be directed toward the child developing a positive self-image, independence, an understanding of himself, an appreciation of his world and a desire to explore, to discover, to question and to enjoy learning experiences.

Our efforts will be directed toward meeting these areas of your child's growth:

A. Emotional

1. To establish a positive self concept by fostering successful experiences and allowing choices.
2. To promote a warm accepting environment for work and play.
3. To channel emotions into socially acceptable outlets.

B. Social

1. To promote a sense of caring for and sensitivity toward others.
2. To accept behavioral limits which are appropriate for group living.
3. To communicate with peers and adults freely.

C. Physical

1. To increase strength and improve muscular coordination.
2. To develop mental and physical coordination.
3. To identify the need for proper food, required amounts of sleep and habits of cleanliness.
4. To use rules necessary for safety.

D. Intellectual

1. To increase creativity and a sense of wonder with emphasis on self motivation.
2. To develop and increase attention span.
3. To listen to and follow directions.
4. To carry a project through to completion.
5. To seek answers to questions by asking and discovering.

6To develop and use problem solving skills.

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